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InspectOC also performs COMMERCIAL inspections for clients, through its commercial division. They have inspected numerous properties, including retail, industrial, multi-family and office properties. This includes properties from 1,000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet throughout southern California.

Commercial investors looking for property conditions assessments (PCA) on potential purchases can benefit greatly from a thorough inspection.  Owners of commercial buildings or multi-family dwellings can also condition evaluation of properties which have not been inspected in a while can all benefit from a complete inspection of the property by InspectOC.   Our inspection includes an evaluation of the structure, systems and conditions of the property.

Commercial inspections are performed to the ASTM standards E-2018-01. This standard "defines good commercial and customary practice for conducting a baseline PCA of the improvements located on a parcel of commercial real estate by performing a walk-through survey and conducting research . . ."

Results of the inspection are presented in printed form, as a Property Condition Report (PCR). This report summarizes all of the conditions found during the assessment, in an organized easy to read format.

Cost to correct deficiencies discovered during the inspection is available as an optional part of the services for Commercial Inspections.

More investors are looking at Commercial properties to add to their portfolios, and a thorough inspection of these properties is vital to helping make educated decisions. Whether looking at multi-family dwellings, apartments, office suites, warehousing or large office buildings, InspectOC can help.

For more information of their services, or to request service, visit their Web site, or contact InspectOC directly.

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