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The following links and resources are provided as a courtesy to our clients and others who are seeking additional details on common defects found in homes that we inspect. 

Please note that the information contained in these links is the opinion of the authors, government agencies or companies. InspectOC is not responsible for any content, and the information should not be relied upon solely for decisions which may affect your property or for purchase decisions.

We always recommend getting a qualified, licensed specialist as appropriate for opinions or evaluation of your specific property or circumstances.

Appliance Recalls - While we cannot provide a comprehensive list of brands and models, we provide links to the Consumer Products Safety Commission Website, and selected recalls that have come to our attention.

    - Consumer Products Safety Commission Website -

    - Bosch/Siemens Dishwashers 01/09 -

    - Viking Gas Range 05/15 -

    - Kenmore Elite Gas Range 05/15

Asbestos -

Drywall - Chinese Drywall

Consumer Products Safety Commission Information on reported problems with Chinese Drywall. Please note that a Home Inspection cannot identify or confirm whether or not a home has imported Drywall from China. There have been numerous complaints from owners of properties built or remodeled using suspected material between 2004 through 2008. While the reported problems are less common in California, it is still possible to find this material.  Further information can be obtained at the link below.


Electrical Components

    - Aluminum Wiring -

    - Federal Pacific Panels/Stablock Breakers -
    - Zinsco Panels -

Fireplaces, Pre-Cast Concrete

    - Rampart General or similar manufactured fireplaces -

Furnaces/Heating Systems

    - Consolidated/Premiere Horizontal Furnaces - Consumer Products Safety Council Links:


    - Fire Safety Investigator Michael Whedon - Article and pictures  WhedonArticle

Lead Paint - Consumer Products Safety Commission - Guide to Lead Paint Safety 

Manufactured Homes

    - Information and Fix-it Guide

Moisture and Mold -

Pool/Spa Safety

    - Safety Barrier Guidelines for Home Pools -


    - ABS Drain & Waste Plumbing - ABS_Info

    - Polybutylene (PB) Supply Plumbing -

    - Water Heater Strapping Information  Water Heater Bracing CA Dept. of State Architect

                                                                     Earthquake Country Website


    - Cal-Shake Composite Tile Roofs

            Class Action Information:

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