Know the Condition of Your Home BEFORE Buying or Selling


Four Sevan, LLC, dba: InspectOC


For Immediate Release - December 15, 2021

Orange County, CA - InspectOC, Orange County's Premiere Home Inspection Company, announced that

it recently reached a milestone by completing over 8000 inspections since opening for business in 2002.

Scott Swickard, owner and inspector for InspectOC reports that the reasons for this success include

"a thorough inspection that includes digital computer reports, including pictures, and a passion for

providing our clients with professional, reliable service."

Because Scott listens to his clients and agents, he continues to improve his service and strives for

100% satisfaction.  Many Real Estate Agents are recommending InspectOC to their clients, because of

the positive experience with the company and its Home Inspection services.

If you are planning to sell, are in the market for a new home, or invest in properties, why not call InspectOC for information on how a home inspection can be a tremendous benefit?  A professional inspection can help you make that all-important buying decision with confidence.

To contact InspectOC, 

(949) 454-1389  Office/Scheduling/Pricing

(949) 422-2381  Cell/Text