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Inspect OC Uses the Latest Technology to Provide Extra Service

Orange County, CA, April, 2015

Spectacular is the newest and most advanced Home Inspection Software around, in our opinion. The software allows custom inspection reports, provides cutting edge features and enables InspectOC  to provide its customers with professional, detailed Property Inspection reports.  Spectacular Software is located in Southern California, and continually enhances its software to take full advantage of technological developments in handheld and mobile computer hardware. It works on the Apple IPad and IPhone platform.

The result is InspectOC is able to use tablet or phone computing, and digital cameras to produce professional inspection reports that can be delivered electronically to its clients within 24 hours.

An IPad allows inspection notes and narratives with most pictures to be completed during the inspection, without the need to transfer notes from paper to computer.  This helps to reduce the possibility of inspection errors due to failure to transfer the information correctly.  It also helps to save time as much of the content for the report is created during the inspection.

Customized reports are possible which allow a complete inspection report for the homeowner or home buyer, while providing an inspection summary report for the agent.  The homeowner or home buyer will receive a professional report complete with report details, summary information and specific findings from the inspection.  A large portion of the report is educational about the systems, age and location of vital components, such as water, gas and electrical shut off.

InspectOC is pleased to be a partner with Spectacular Software, and its founder, Aaron Johnson, and to offer its professional home inspection services to the Orange County and surrounding markets.  For more information on their services, or to request service, visit their Web site, or contact them directly.

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